Students will engage in virtual workshops led by artists, scientists and technologists. These online workshop-tutorials will provide students with hands-on opportunities of technical skill development and in areas such as: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, ecology and field science, microbiology, Arduino and programming and robotics, AR and photogrammetry, weaving and textiles, GIS mapping, and digital animation.

  • Solidarity Through Sound and Time (PDF)
  • Imaging Techniques (PDF)
  • Ecosensing (PDF)
  • Microbial Theater (PDF)
  • Fungi as Sustainable Building Material (PDF)
  • PsychoBread (PDF)
  • Bio Maison (PDF)
  • Listening to Natural Radio (PDF)
  • Metaphor as a Tool for Scientific Inquiry (PDF)
  • Data Dust (PDF)
  • Remote Sensing on Mars (PDF)
  • Calming the Sea (PDF)