This summer, SciArt Lab + Studio takes on a new identity as a REMOTE and GLOBAL institute due to COVID-19. However, we couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity to connect vast distances and time zones through science, art and technology!

Our programming will continue to offer rigorous and engaging workshops, lectures and discussions all presented online. Our course will TIME TRAVEL around the world connecting material and discussions in group-based learning. We will act as GLOBAL citizen-scientists, collecting data and material from our remote locations. We will consider how content and information from each remote location can produce a wide spectrum of knowledge and data about our global environment as a whole.

Through diverse course material students will be exposed to the interface of science and art culture with a focus on multi-disciplinary collaborations. In order to maintain intimate learning, students will be place in groups with instructors and receive close attention allowing for connection and participation. Students will work on a collaborative final project for the course and final project presentations will be live streamed and followed up a virtual graduation ceremony.